Hi, I’m Eileen

Personal, Career & Organisational Coach

Welcome to my website, I hope you will explore what I have to offer you!

Personal Coaching

The opportunity to explore your career, work, life situations, and the changes you want to make. Which may include interpersonal development.

Organisational Coaching

The opportunity to foster positive systemic transformation. Enhance leadership development by engaging and encouraging individuals to grow!

Personal Coaching

If you wish to explore, learn and grow, then coaching is just what you need.

Performance Coaching

Workplace coaching, leadership development and transformation.

Business Coaching & Mentoring

Making informed decisions is the only way to grow your business.

Supervision Coaching

Engage in supervision and together explore your coaching practice.

What Is Coaching?

Quite simply, coaching is about getting the very best out of someone and enabling them to make decisions that will improve their life, career or business.  Coaching invites you to go on a journey of immense personal growth and interpersonal development. 

Who Is Coaching For?

Coaching is for anyone seeking to gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to make changes in their lives. Individuals or businesses who want to engage in performance development and create a dynamic culture will find coaching ideal.

Individual Coaching

Sessions & Packages

Pay as you go, £200 for a single session of one-to-one coaching, or select one of my packages.

The coaching will offer you a dynamic way of developing.  

Unless otherwise stated, sessions last 1 hour and are delivered over video conferencing or telephone.

Discover my Published INSIGHT Coaching Cycle

The INSIGHT model of coaching and mentoring is referenced in several coaching & management theory books, translated into 10 languages.

Step 1: (I) Initial Assessment

This will give the coach the opportunity to elicit the core requirements for the coaching intervention.

Step 2: (N) Negotiating the Coaching Plan

This should cover important aspect of ‘what? ‘when?’ ‘where?’ ‘how?’ the intervention process will operate.

Step 3: (S) Self-Development Plan

This will enable the person being coached to identify areas for personal or professional development and enable the coach to discuss appropriate coaching approaches that will support the development.

Step 4: (I) Insight Into Own Capabilities

This will encourage the individual to review their strengths and weaknesses.

Step 5: (G) Grow and Personal Reflection

This is an opportunity for both the person being coached and the coach to reflect on the interventions so far and evaluate what’s worked well and what needs to be modified.

Step 6: (H) Hierarchy of Needs

This will give both the person being coached and the coach insight into whether the needs of both parties are being met.

Step 7: (T) Testing New Skills and Knowledge

This will give the individual the opportunity to test new skills and knowledge and make assessments about what else needs doing.

About Me

Hello, my name is Eileen Hutchinson, I am a coach, author, entrepreneur and creator of the INSIGHT coaching cycle referenced in coaching and management theory books.

My passion is coaching and I’m the owner of EH Leadership Coaching Academy, a centre with ILM status offering accredited courses www.ehleadershipcoachingacademy.com

As an experienced trainer and supervisor of other coaches,  I am at my best when working with people, teams, and businesses, helping them create their visions and dreams. 

My  experience crosses many different sectors, from working with Universities, The Cabinet Office, SMEs, Corporates to International Charities on leadership, coaching, mentoring and behavioural change management.

My clients see me as a soulful friend who offers guidance and wisdom to help each person on their journey. A trusted mentor who communicates the truth of how things work, who guides you through the pitfalls of achieving the results you want!

My work is shared with you through daily positive quotes on social media, publications, media interviews by the UK Government and Universities.  


I started my journey with a passion but no idea and no confidence in how to take my business forward.

I met Eileen on a business startup course where she took me under her wing and fuelled me with so much knowledge, confidence and woman power; she hasn’t just changed my current and future career, she has put a strut in my step.

Eileen isn’t just a coach she is an amazing lady who coaches from her heart.

Karen Jeffery - Photographer

Eileen has not only inspired me; she has helped numerous people to change their lives, gain confidence and move on to live a more fulfilled life. I have no hesitation in recommending Eileen in anything she does.

Isla Leenders - Chair-Founder, CandelSpark.

Eileen is a consummate professional. She has the ability to remain professional whilst simultaneously being caring, consultative and thorough. I cannot recommend Eileen high enough to anyone both in a professional and personal capacity. And what a bubbly infectious personality too.”

Jonathan Gilbert - Business Owner

“If you love what you do, you do it with love.” Eileen Hutchinson